Video Interview

Tony: When I listen to music I see pictures, characters, emotions, locations – stories. I write stories using the bodies of others, the bodies of the young artists who are part of the Mime Corps of the Festival.  Tonight, the music is The Planets by [Gustav] Holst – very, very beautiful.  Each movement inspires in me many images, characters and emotions. We work together – like a laboratory – to bring to life these images, these emotions. The young people have worked so well, but only for five days! All the beautiful work they’ve done – they’ve done it in five days. Beautiful. 

Interviewer: How many years have you collaborated with the Festival Musica sull’Acqua?

Tony: This year is my ninth year collaborating with the Festival Musica sull’Acqua.  I’m really happy and for me it’s a great honor to do this work with such accomplished artists.  

Tony Howell